Little Aquatics




​​​Our Grandson, Tristan, learned how to swim with his fabulous instructor, Marissa.  Marissa is very patient, kind and very loving.  Tristan had a total of 16 lessons and now swims across our pool by himself, at the age of 2.  Thank you Marissa and Little Aquatics! - Debbie B. 

My son had Nick for his instructor.  Nick was awesome and very patient.  My son feared the water just a little but Nick built his confidence and he was ready to go after his 8 lessons. Thanks Nick, we will see you soon! - Marie G. 

My kids and I really enjoyed swim lessons with Nick and Little Aquatics. I loved the flexibility of having an excellent instructor come to our house at times that worked for my family. Nick was great with my kids, very professional and prompt, good about communicating regarding weather/lesson changes. My 3, nearly 4 year old daughter's skills have improved immensely, it's really amazing to see.    - Kelsey R.

We had a great experience with Marissa!  She was always punctual and was great with both kids.  Best of all, we saw tremendous progress in both kids in just 8 lessons.  I've recommended your company to many friends and am so happy we found you all!   - Amy B.

Kristi has had the patience of a saint with my son.  He has an enormous feat of the water and by the way, had been told to never get his ears wet because of tube implants. Kristi helped him overcome his "wet ear" predicament and lessened his fear of the water so much that he loves to go swimming now.  She has done a remarkable job with him in 8 short lessons.  - Weierich Family

After finishing 4 weeks of swim lessons on Tuesday, my little baby decided to really "go for it" today. Suddenly it all came together and now she's an unstoppable little fish  Thanks, Dorcas! - Susan F.

My son puts his head under water on his own accord and wasn't scared thanks to John for being patient and giving Sebastian his swim lessons this season! - Ada B.

Our instructor,Caymen did such a great job with our 2.5 year old! It's been almost a month and we are still talken about kicks and scoops like Caymen. He was patient and sweet and really good with communicating with us on scheduling and what to practice to get our son to the next level. Thank you for such a great experience, we will be calling you again!

Just wanted to say thank you to Little Aquatics! We are so pleased with the experience. My 6 month old daughter and I had so much fun and she is now fully acquainted with the water. Our instructor Jacquelynn was always in a good mood and very knowledgeable. We are ready for the summer and will definitely be back for more lessons in the future!  -  Amanda B.

So thankful for Little Aquatics!  MY 3 year old is almost swimming the lemgth of the pool after just 5 lessons. - Hannah M.

We wanted to say a quick, but very deserving, thank you to Mr. Caymen for his patience and persistence with our baby girl.-  Aryana D.

Can't say enough good things about Little Aquatics Swim Lessons and Miss Laura!  What a difference between this year and last year! - Melissa S.