Little Aquatics





Every child learns to swim and perfect their skills at a different pace.  Lessons are available to students 9 months to adult. 

Parent and Tot:
  This class involves every child to have a parent present during lessons.  This level is ideal for parents looking for group lessons or parents that would like to learn techniques on their own so they can practice with their child outside of lessons.  Parent and tot classes traditionally involve songs, water acclamation, teaching children to hold their breath underwater, float on their back, return to the wall and begin learning to paddle and kick their feet to swim short distances between the instructor and parent. 

Level I:  Children with no experience in the water.  During level 1 children will learn how to hold their breathe underwater, float on their back, float on their tummy and begin learning how to roll from their tummy to their back for breathing.  

Level II:  Children with minimal experience in the water.  This level is great for students who took swim lessons in the past and need a refresher of the basics before learning new skills.  During level 2 children will continue to practice floating on their tummy and back, they will perfect how to roll from their tummy to their back so they are able to breathe on their own.  Children in this level depending on age will start to learn the basics of paddling and kicking.

Level III: 
Children who are able to float and take breaths on their own.  During level 3, children will learn how to effectively paddle and kick, putting together the whole swimming process including learning how to take breathes during strokes.

Level IV:  Students will be introduced into the 4 strokes of swimming; freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke and the butterfly.  

Level V:  Advanced swimmers who are looking for stroke refinement.  Students must already know all 4 stroke; freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke and the butterfly.