Additional Fees:

  • One-time Registration Fee: $20 per family

12 Lessons








Semi - Private Lessons (2 students)

*2 students share a 30 minute lesson OR back-to-back 15 minute private lessons for 2+ students






16 Lessons


Little Aquatics swimming lessons are FUN and CONVENIENT, we come to your home or neighborhood swimming pool so making swim lessons fit into your busy schedule is easy!

During swimming lessons with Little Aquatics you can expect your child to initially learn survival skills.  Knowing what to do in the event they are to fall into a pool is our #1 priority and learning how to float on their back and roll from their belly to their back will be their first new skill to celebrate!  Through additional lessons children will progress and learn how to paddle their arms, kick their feet and refine strokes.  

***One time lessons not part of a package are $30/lesson for private and $40/lesson for semi-private***




8 Lessons 

Little Aquatics


  •  Registration and pricing is session based and prices are per student. Lessons are 30 minute lesson (20 minutes for children under 18 months old); semi-private and group lessons are a shared 30 minute class
  • Beginner Recommendation: Minimum of 3 lessons per week and 12-16 lesson package
  • Lessons are offered 7 days per week with morning, afternoon and evening availability 

Private Lessons (1 student)


Swim Lessons in Orlando, Gainesville, Melbourne

Group Lessons

(3 or more students)